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About Us

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Goddess Haven's mission is to be sensitive & attuned to each of our guest beauty desires. We create and maintain healthy hair. We provide effortless hair designs through the use of our in house hair extensions & custom wig units. We pride ourselves on continued education. To us each guest is an individual, Goddess Haven re-defines the future of hair-artistry with our persistence to making each visit memorable, hence completing the custom beauty experience.


Goddess Haven Collection

Goddess Haven Collection is an exclusive 100% Cambodian RAW human hair line. Our company is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Thus, spending an ample amount of time, research, and dedication to finding the highest quality of raw extensions to offer our customers. We make sure the cuticle is still intact for maximum heat, chemical, and coloring services. Goddess Haven highly recommends the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best virgin raw extensions in the industry. Noted stylist Tokyo Styles expressed that he is “obsessed” with his hair from the Goddess Collection. Having beautiful hair and being able to create any desired look makes anyone feel self-confident and gorgeous at the same time. As a company we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service as well as quality raw hair extensions to give each client the desired style that they wish to achieve.


MaryJane studied the work of her mother's hands from the kitchen to the salon. As a result of being a consistent assistant to her mother,  began to embrace her own creative passion and ventured into styling as well. From early on she had a love affair with hair. She would cut every doll and cousin she could get her hands on. She enrolled at Arkansas Beauty School where she advanced in her studies graduating in May, 2013. She did not waste a moment of time, immediately following graduation she returned to the classroom receiving her instructor's license in April, 2014. She has continued to expand her career by electing instructional classes from some of the best in the business including Schwarzkopf, Ms.Willa and Jayla Aaron weaving seminars, Adrin "Seven" Washington celebrity stylist weaving and custom wig seminars. She is a master in weaving, making custom units (wigs), offering coloring and cutting, extensive braiding services, natural hair care and styling, she services relaxed hair clients and she also provides top quality virgin hair called The Goddess Haven Collection. While on her journey to success she has always desired to create a winning team that would challenge her and provide opportunities for growth.