Hair Care – Goddess Haven

Hair Care

Thank you so much for purchasing from Goddess Haven Collection. Follow these hair care instructions to maintain longevity, healthiness, and natural gloss for your virgin hair. To get the most out of your virgin hair we have provided a few tips to keep your hair looking beautiful:


After purchasing Goddess Haven Collection always inspect the hair before installation while doing so leave the bundles intact. If there are any problems with the hair, you will be able to identify them at this time. Our exchange policy varies case by case. If you inquire whether you qualify for exchange contact us as soon as possible.

Shampooing and Conditioning:

• Shampoo try to avoid using shampoos with sulfates and alcohol ingredients because this could cause severe dryness. • Do not vigorously rub shampoo in hair but simply massage with a soft touch. • Rinse thoroughly with warm water. • Apply conditioner and use a wide tooth comb starting from the end of the hair to the weft to ensure no tangling. Let stand for 3-5 minutes. • For a deep conditioner let stand for 15-30 minutes under a warm dryer (optional). • Rinse hair thoroughly with cool water & let air dry.

Daily Maintenance:

• Use minimal styling products to avoid build-up. • For a wavy or curly “natural” look put water in a spray bottle and distribute it evenly throughout hair. We also recommend before going to bed braiding your hair into one or two loose braids overnight (if you have hair that’s naturally wavy or curly).

Thanks again for trusting my company to provide top quality virgin hair. ENJOY!!